Water Supply Project


Water Supply Project

NeRuDO has completed two water supply projects under Small Town Water  Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (GON/ADB Project). They are :

  • Beni Water Supply project, Myagdi district
  • Kusma Water Supply project, Parbat district

This project covered a total of 1262 household consisting of 5262 people in Kushma and a total of 774 households consisting of 3612 people in Beni. It has improved general health and quality of life of the people residing in the area with supply of portable water and improved sanitary conditions.

Main activities performed by the NeRuDO are;

  • Prepared socio-economic profile of the project area
  • Organized community contributions
  • Facilitated WUSC to understand consultant’s presentations
  • Facilitated WUSC to negotiate for town project agreement
  • Advocated to address women’s concern adequately
  • Assisted consultants in social dimensions
  • Supported WUSC to review civil works contract bids evaluation
  • Made need assessment of private sanitation facilities and their financing
  • Developed financing scheme to construct private sanitation facilities
  • Given managerial and technical support to WUSC (Water Users and Sanitation Committee)
    Management of sanitation facilities
  • Solid Waste management System
  • Health, Hygiene and Sanitary Education Program
  • School Sanitation Activities
  • Training activities