Nepal Rural Development
Organization (NeRuDO)

Having the motto “work for poorest of the poor”, NeRuDO believes that the basic problems of wide-scale and deep rooted poverty and the resultant backwardness cannot be addressed through Government’s effort alone and efforts should come from non-governmental organizations as well. Towards this, NeRuDO has been executing various socio-economic development projects including micro finance programs intended to benefit the disadvantaged and poor community, focusing on the women and children.

NeRuDO has been implementing the ‘grameen’ model microfinance program in accordance with Grameen Trust of Bangladesh. With due approval of concerned governmental agencies, NeRuDO started the Microfinance Program for rural poor women with seed fund of US$ 20,000 received from Grameen Trust, Bangladesh on December, 1998 as a loan. The program initiated from Manaharwa village of Bara district got good response from targeted communities which lead to expansion of the program to adjoining Parsa and Makwanpur districts so far.

Since its establishment, NeRuDO has been engaged in various development programs targeting the poorest section of the rural community of Nepal. NeRuDO is mainly focused in Bara, Parsa and Makwanpur districts of Terai, Chure and Bhabar regions. Now it is also expanding it’s activities in mid-mountain region through it’s newly opened branch office at Pharping in Kathmandu District – Capital of Nepal.The programs implemented and ongoing are Community Development Program (CDP), Health and Sanitation Education (HSE), Rural Drinking Water and Microfinance.

Nepal Rural Development Organization (NeRuDO) established in 1991, is duly registered with the Government of Nepal (GON) as a non-profit multi service non governmental organization (NGO). NeRuDO is basically a Financial Intermediary Non Govermental Orgnization (FINGO). It has been implementing microfinance program obtaining financial intermediary license from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) – the central bank of Nepal. The Organization is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC), an apex governmental regulatory body under Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare. NeRuDO, has been providing Microfinance services to the women of rural poor community of Nepal with small loan under group guarantee without any collateral for the last 10 years. NeRuDO’s microfinance activity initiated from Manarhawa village of Bara district ten years ago with a seed money and proper guidance received from Md. Yunus’s Grameen Trust is expanded now to four districts serving the poorest of the poor of the region.

As a multi service provider, NeRuDO has been also implementing various Community Development Programs to uplift socio-economic condition of the rural poor. It is involved in various rural sanitation and drinking water projects and, so far, has implemented various projects as such. The main objective of the organization is to implement poverty alleviation action programs including environment, conservation, health, sanitation, drinking water and non-formal education in the rural setting. The organization encourages local participation, especially voluntary labor contribution in planning and management for the sustenance of the program in the long term and emphasizes women’s participation in all program implementation. NeRuDO believes that unless income-raising activities are carried out side-by-side, community development activities and development efforts are less likely to be sustainable. While income-generating activities elevate the income status of rural poor, the community development activities bind them into a cohesive community force.

What We Do

Our Vision

NeRuDO envisages poverty alleviation with Microfinance and Community Development as two policy intruments to achieve a single goal.

We Are Doing

Our Mission

NeRuDO’s mission is the women centered socio-economic empowerment of the deprived rural communities by creating economic and social opportunities through sustainable microfinance and community development services.

What We Do

Our Objectives

  • To implement community based rural development projects including microfinance and microinsurance to raise the income of the rural poor;
  • To extend agriculture development and rural drinking water programmes in rural areas;
  • To extend forestation and conservation programs for environment enhancement;
  • To carry literacy, sanitation and health based activities.
  • To promote cottage & small-scale industries in order to raise the income level of the rural poor;
  • To launch various development program for women, children and old age people;
  • To promote rural electrification and transport activities;
  • To conduct national and international seminars on rural development;
  • To arrange and conduct various training program for the rural population;
  • To work as a non-profit making organization and carry out various programs to make the institution self-reliant;